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Sunday, May 10

Hello, Scrap Blog! AKA Pardon My Dust

Everything isn't up yet, I'm working on it!

Okay, so I could no longer put off building a scrapblog. It was getting ridiculous. I tweet about scrapping, I facebook about scrapping... and I needed a place to put freebies. Thus, Scraptacular, Scraptacular! was born.

A little about me, scrapping-wise. I've been scrapbooking since I stumbled upon it May '07 while researching baby books for my oldest son (who is going on 2 and a half right now). I had to walk away from it for awhile when things got very hectic lifestyle-wise for us (I had to move in with my in-laws while my man got relocated 400 miles away and it ended up taking 3 months!)

I usually disappear from scrapping quite a bit between Halloween and Christmas... because I suck at multi-tasking.

I am currently on the Digital Creative Team over at The Digichick (a new gig that I'm ecstatic about), I'm also on Sugarplum Paperie's team (also at TDC). At Sweet Shoppe, I'm on the lovely Lauren Grier's team, the fabulous Fee Jardine's team, and the zesty Zoe Pearn's team. I love the designers I create for, you have way too much scrapping to do to waste time on designers you don't just LOVE, keep it in mind.

I'll be posting sneak peeks (with permission) here, I also keep the #digiscrap twitter RSS feed going, so you can keep up.

And I'll try to post a freebie or two a month, templates, element packs, paper packs, whatever is up my alley this week. Maybe even one day I'll make a whole kit, LOL!

I'm hoping every now and again the awesome LizzyFizzy will post now and again about something she's excited about scrappy-wise, as I've listed her as a contributor here.

I'll see you guys around the stores, you'll see me digging through the sale bins.


._. said...

aw you made a new one.. LOL I miss the old one ^_^

Nicole Seitler said...

Ooo! I love your new blog! How could I not? What a great topic. Plus you said you loved me. :D

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