Voodoo Scraps

Wednesday, May 27

Hello Hello!

Are you guys enjoying DSA's SYTYCD Contest? So many awesome goodies!! My girl Amy Sumrall just put her newest kit up today for the contest and it RAWKS!!

The crayon alpha and doodle brushes are so much fun!! Click on it and go get it for free! Here's the page I made with it and you get it as a QP in the download! Woot!

Some seriously cute goodies coming to The Digichick tomorrow, here's a layout I did with Gypsy Couture's newest kit, and this is my first time working with her stuff... loved it! (needless to say, right?) I added some of K Studio's new word art, too! (loves me some Kristen Rice, but I think that's been established, lol)

My little bubba, isn't he awesome?

Friday, May 22

Omg, I Let A Week Pass By!!

Voodoo Bryn, here! Sorry I was out of the loop for the week...
I was super busy. And it's not an excuse, it's a fact, Jack. ;)

BUT... I got to play with some SUPERFLY kits this week!!

I mean... EVERYBODY put out a new kit on me this week, so I ended up doing 4 for Digichick, one for Sugarplum, one for Zoe, one for Fee, one for Jen Yurko, and one for La. And I just got a new Amy Stoffel kit, that I'm dying to tear into.

I mad attacked poor Fee Jardine's server tonight to get back some of my "necessities" since the Big Crash of '09. And let me tell you, I feel like a thousand times better now that I have them back... it's so heartbreaking to look at a layout and think, "Oh! I'll grab this!" only to realize you lost that in a harddrive crash. Back ups, people, Just Do It.

If you have trouble remembering, send me your email and I'll put you on my little Backups Email Reminder, so then you've got the Voodoo on your ass.

Okay, awesome goodies I got to play with at The Digichick this week:

Over at Sweet Shoppe, we have some serious goodness goin' on, too!

And La put this out with Julie Billingsley, but my page isn't ready yet. Don't you just love how fun this is?

And then over at Inspiration Lane, Jen Yurko has the sweetest sweetest kit out for only $2.80!!

I used it for my Digidare this week! (I'm super excited about the Sims 3 releasing on June 2nd!)
I picked this up as a giftie from Jen Y...

It's my first Amy Stoffel kit and I can't wait to play with it!

I told you guys I was busy!! I'll have more to say after I get this Album RAK done and printed and shipped off, it's kept me really busy!! Have fun! See you guys in a few days!!

Sunday, May 17

Yo Chicas, Check It

Guess what?! I got on Jen Yurko's CT! Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Needed a kawaii style team to finish out my repertoire, lol.

Wanted to pass this on, this is big news for mom's with little ones:

Amy is super bad ass rad, but you'll have to battle me in the Thunderdome for a position. Good luck to all the contenders. Seriously, you guys, she rawks so hard... I mean look at that sassy little bird!!!

And I have an exclusive (not really) sneaky peeky at the new Studio FEMNZ for later this week...

Now, go on, get. I have scrappin' to do.

Friday, May 15

Happy Friday!!

Fridays are usually pretty busy in the digiscrap world... and they used to cause me great headaches when I was on just too many teams at Sweet Shoppe and my designers used to dump all of their last minute kits on me at once, LOL.

And speaking of...
look at this ADORABLE little chic kit by Lauren Grier and Sir Scrapalot! I know you have a little diva in your life that needs scrapping in this kit! This will be available after midnight tonight!

Sale for today that I recommend:

Happy Hour at After 5 Designs today!!
My A5D wishlist:

ScrapArtist always has a lot of stuff for a $1 on Fab Fridays.

New products are out at Catscrap, Pickleberry Pop, OScraps, Scrap Orchard and 2 Little Pixels today.

Like templates? Here's a super cute one over on the Scrap Orchard Blog from Tuesday!

and last but not least, here's my OMG LOOK HOW FREAKIN CUTE find of the morning:

Thursday, May 14

Digichick Thursday!

Morning, digiscrappers! Freebie at the bottom of the post!!

I have nothing to do today because we're backing up my scrapdrive onto Josh's computer (his terrabyte) and then we're going to transfer if over to our household Carbonite account.
Backup people, I can't reiterate enough. EHD's are designed to fail. Back it up to dvd, back it up to hosted storage.

Sugarplum Paperie has a new collab kit out with Tracie Stroud today called Cafe Latte, and seriously, CT aside, I had to absolutely put this in my "favorites" file. The colors and the elements in this kit are seriously awesome. It's worth throwin' your hard earned scrapping cash down for.

Here's a page I did with it:

Another one worth mentioning this week would be Mira Designs' Spring Melody, this was my first time working with Mira Designs and I really like her style! If you haven't picked up anything from her yet, you should definitely check out her store! I'm going to try to spotlight each of the Digichick designers on Thursdays.

There is a bunch of awesomeness new over at Digichick today!

Deals for today:
Don't forget it's Book Faire today at WST. Super cute kit by DeCrow Designs for $2!

Today's Freebie is a template and you can download it here.

And last but not least, my favorite photography tutorial of the day:

Monday, May 11

What Am I Up To Today?

Tonight I'll work a little bit more on linkies, etc.

Today I'm working on a girlie book for my friend, Marcia. Here's a teaser of the gorgeous Mira Designs kit I'm using today, it'll be available at The Digichick on Thursday!

Hopefully I'll be able to update you on what La, Zoe, or Fee have cookin' over at Sweet Shoppe!

Laura at SPD is having website trouble today, send her a PM from DST or MSA sending her hugs!

Sunday, May 10

Hello, Scrap Blog! AKA Pardon My Dust

Everything isn't up yet, I'm working on it!

Okay, so I could no longer put off building a scrapblog. It was getting ridiculous. I tweet about scrapping, I facebook about scrapping... and I needed a place to put freebies. Thus, Scraptacular, Scraptacular! was born.

A little about me, scrapping-wise. I've been scrapbooking since I stumbled upon it May '07 while researching baby books for my oldest son (who is going on 2 and a half right now). I had to walk away from it for awhile when things got very hectic lifestyle-wise for us (I had to move in with my in-laws while my man got relocated 400 miles away and it ended up taking 3 months!)

I usually disappear from scrapping quite a bit between Halloween and Christmas... because I suck at multi-tasking.

I am currently on the Digital Creative Team over at The Digichick (a new gig that I'm ecstatic about), I'm also on Sugarplum Paperie's team (also at TDC). At Sweet Shoppe, I'm on the lovely Lauren Grier's team, the fabulous Fee Jardine's team, and the zesty Zoe Pearn's team. I love the designers I create for, you have way too much scrapping to do to waste time on designers you don't just LOVE, keep it in mind.

I'll be posting sneak peeks (with permission) here, I also keep the #digiscrap twitter RSS feed going, so you can keep up.

And I'll try to post a freebie or two a month, templates, element packs, paper packs, whatever is up my alley this week. Maybe even one day I'll make a whole kit, LOL!

I'm hoping every now and again the awesome LizzyFizzy will post now and again about something she's excited about scrappy-wise, as I've listed her as a contributor here.

I'll see you guys around the stores, you'll see me digging through the sale bins.