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Friday, May 22

Omg, I Let A Week Pass By!!

Voodoo Bryn, here! Sorry I was out of the loop for the week...
I was super busy. And it's not an excuse, it's a fact, Jack. ;)

BUT... I got to play with some SUPERFLY kits this week!!

I mean... EVERYBODY put out a new kit on me this week, so I ended up doing 4 for Digichick, one for Sugarplum, one for Zoe, one for Fee, one for Jen Yurko, and one for La. And I just got a new Amy Stoffel kit, that I'm dying to tear into.

I mad attacked poor Fee Jardine's server tonight to get back some of my "necessities" since the Big Crash of '09. And let me tell you, I feel like a thousand times better now that I have them back... it's so heartbreaking to look at a layout and think, "Oh! I'll grab this!" only to realize you lost that in a harddrive crash. Back ups, people, Just Do It.

If you have trouble remembering, send me your email and I'll put you on my little Backups Email Reminder, so then you've got the Voodoo on your ass.

Okay, awesome goodies I got to play with at The Digichick this week:

Over at Sweet Shoppe, we have some serious goodness goin' on, too!

And La put this out with Julie Billingsley, but my page isn't ready yet. Don't you just love how fun this is?

And then over at Inspiration Lane, Jen Yurko has the sweetest sweetest kit out for only $2.80!!

I used it for my Digidare this week! (I'm super excited about the Sims 3 releasing on June 2nd!)
I picked this up as a giftie from Jen Y...

It's my first Amy Stoffel kit and I can't wait to play with it!

I told you guys I was busy!! I'll have more to say after I get this Album RAK done and printed and shipped off, it's kept me really busy!! Have fun! See you guys in a few days!!


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